Interview: „Justin about his wife and his children“

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Here is an interview with Justin that he has given the Good Housekeeping.
He talks about his family, his dogs and IKEA furniture.
Here’s a small excerpt:

Q: Most actors your age are hanging out at Hollywood clubs, not raising a large family. How do you do it?
Justin Chambers:Well, our house is sort of like a nightclub: We’ve got loud music and chaos and crowds. But really, we’re pretty laid-back. Our kids are in a little band, and they like to play video games, and my wife and I do our best to live a low-key, non-Hollywood kind of life.

Are you particularly helpful around the house?
Justin Chambers: Oh, I wish I could tell you I was a Mr. Fix-It, but I am not that kind of guy. I get frustrated so easily. For instance, IKEA furniture really, really gets on my nerves. I cannot for the life of me assemble it.

The rest you can read here

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