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Grey’s Anatomy: Meet Alex’s Mother

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Finally we´ll see Alex mum.
Here are some info about it:

Directed by Grey’s co-star Jesse Williams, the episode finds Alex (Justin Chambers) and Jo (Camilla Luddington) embarking on a trip to Iowa to find Alex’s mom, Helen, whom he hasn’t heard from in a very long time. The hour is a sequel of sorts to the March 15 ep, in which we caught a fleeting glimpse of a younger version of Alex’s mom, played by Emily Rutherfurd (The New Adventures of Old Christine).

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Sneak-Peek: Alex & Jo searching for Alex´s mom (14/22: Fight For Your Mind)

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S14/E22: Fight For Your Mind

05/03/18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT) – ABC
Alex and Jo go on a road trip to Iowa to find Alex’s mom, whom he hasn’t heard from in a very long time. Meanwhile, Meredith gives a presentation on her mini-livers project, which attracts a ton of attention; and Jackson works to rebuild the foundation after its reputation is threatened.

EXCLUSIVE: We are finally going to meet Alex Karev’s (Justin Chambers) mom. Former The Bionic Woman and Scruples star Lindsay Wagner will play the key guest role of Helen Karev in the May 3 episode of ABC’s hit medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, directed by series co-star Jesse Williams.




coming soon

Sorry, for the break – but we´re back!

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You may have seen that we didn´t post news for some time.
I had so much things going on in my private life that I have to make a break with this website.
But no everything is fine again and the news-part is also back.

Have you ever visited the special pages at this website about Justin?
Have you seen all the special movie pages about his movies? No? Go check them out!!

Sarah Utterback (Nurse Olivia) about Grey´s Anatomy and Justin Chambers

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Read the complete interview with  here:

Naturally, this is what my character has been up to in her years since leaving Seattle Grace — so wouldn’t it make sense that I’d be up to the same?

Even my character, Nurse Olivia, has lapped me: Spoiler alert, but in my return to „Grey’s Anatomy,“ we find out she’s moved, she’s married, she’s had a child. Naturally, this is what she’s been up to in her years since leaving Seattle Grace, so wouldn’t it make sense that I’d be up to the same?

I decided to get real with one person on set — Justin Chambers. And getting real always has its rewards. In response to his marriage and babies inquiry, I said, „No. I’m pretty much in the same place. I don’t know what that tells you about me, but I do know I’ve grown and feel like a much more present, grounded, and grateful person.“

„Because you’ve lived your life,“ he said.

And he was right: I have. Rather than looking down at what little I felt I had to offer, Justin helped me acknowledge my evident personal growth, the comfort I now feel in my own skin, the self-awareness and confidence and sense of purpose I now carry — all things that will make me a better partner and parent, if I choose to inhabit those roles in the future….

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Here are some pictures from set:

Vote for Justin now!! Spoiler-TVs „Performers of the Month“

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Now comes the hard part where you can only vote for 1 actor and 1 actress to be crowned as the Performers Of The Month for September.
The polls will be open until 12 pm ET on October 14th.

Here is the list of your Top 5 Reader Nominees in each category:

Top 5 Reader Nominated Actors (In alphabetical order):
Justin Chambers (Dr. Alex Karev) – Grey’s Anatomy (13×1) (Also Staff Nominated)
Tony Denison (Andy Flynn) – Major Crimes (5×13) (Tied For 5th)
Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar) – Lucifer (2×1) (Also Staff Nominated)
Jack Falahee (Connor Walsh) – How to Get Away With Murder (3×2) (Also Staff Nominated)
Kiefer Sutherland (President Tom Kirkman) – Designated Survivor (1×1)
Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) – This Is Us (1×1) (Tied For 5th)

Vote here!

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